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First off, you don't need to own a vintage guitar to participate. There are a lot of sources of information out there like EBay, dealers, old catalogs, books, etc. I try to monitor these on a regular basis but I'm only one person. I miss things and sometimes I'm just to busy.

At a minimum I'm trying to identify the model number for every one of the first 100,000 Martins with a serial number. To be more specific, serial numbers 8001 to 108269. This covers 1898-1948 which is a 50 year span that encompass Martins golden era and the years that lead up to it, plus a few more after.

Here's what I'm looking for.

Serial number:
Model: (D-18,D-28,000-18,etc)
Contributor: You. :)
Source: (Where the guitar was "spotted". Ebay, an old catalog, a vendor, your collection)
Date: (Preferably the date of the source. In part I'm trying to track these instruments through time)

I understand some people won't want to be specific about what they own so anonymous would be an OK choice for source. Most likely you'll have submitted your information via email in this case so I'll put the source as EMail and the contributor as anonymous.

Duplicates are OK! Multiple sightings of the same instrument will help confirm if and when it existed. This will also help confirm the model or a particular serial number. Typos happen after all.

Any additional notes about the instrument would be great.

You can find a link to the Download page at the left side of this page. It will lead you to the latest and greatest data.

Why am I doing this? Curiosity mostly.

How to participate...

You can email the following address...

martin-db at

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